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Hizashi no nakano real - Complement (In the afternoon sunshine - Complement)

:: Title Hizashi no nakano real - Complement (In the afternoon sunshine - Complement)

:: Circle mu soft [Add to your favorite circles]
:: Web Site http://www.mu-soft.com/
:: Reg Date 2006-07-11

:: Contents Complement is an expansion pack of additional content for Hizashi no nakano real. Basically, there is no changes made in the story and ending.

New functions of the user interface called Nugerundesu ACE ver. 1.5

- Semi-auto Click. Protect your wrist from repetitive stress injuries.
- Multiple angles in some scenes.
- Oral sex. (blowjob & clit licking)
- Dildo play.
- Viewable on wide-screen monitor


- Light-weight Movie viewer & original Movie player. (for viewing use only)
- Better interface on withdrawal of his cock - cum outside
- Easier to play through (just a little)

Additional scenes

- Swimwear (w/alternates in part), stark naked (w/alternates in part), BJ, foreplay on girl in uniform, and stay overnight.

New events

- Breast fondling, BJ, clit licking, cut-off animation, multiple angles, masturbation, and more.

This item is an expansion pack. To view the content, you must have Hizashi no nakano real installed in your PC.

- Includes an English readme file (Install instruction).
- Cannot be displayed on the screen whose vertical length less than 700 dots.
- Around 50% of the content is additional functions and files.
- Installing this expansion pack will not damage or delete your save data in the existing main file.
- To run this game, a high-spec PC may be required. Please try the free demo first to see if it works on your PC without a problem.
- This game will NOT run on the following language platforms: Thai, Arabic.
- It is recommended that you buy this item as a member. There may be future updates to this game. Unlimited download access is an exclusive feature for members only.

- Please visit our site for more details.
(To translate the pages, online translation service may be a help (ex: Babel Fish)
- Macintosh is NOT supported

:: Platforms Windows98 / WindowsMe / Windows2000 / WindowsXP

Operational Requirements

:: CPU 1,3GHZ or higher
:: Memory 512MB
:: VIDEO Onboard graphic card is not supported.

Precio: $ 6.000

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