jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn

Play Blackjack with Porn Superstar Gina Lynn! Hit, Stand, Double-Down, Split or Surrender in a true game of Blackjack! Make a smart move and Gina will be impressed, but screw up and she'll scold you! Playable on a set-top DVD player or a computer.

Strip her when you win - rewards come at $50 increments, but make sure she doesn't win any of her clothes back! Make her bet all her money away and you win the game, which gets you the ultimate reward:

Fuck her in multi-angle, Interactive Sex! You control the positions and the camera angles, you control what she does! Play with Gina Lynn however you like with a variety of fun choices including fetish actions: tickling, foot massage, and you can even give her a spanking! Fuck her however you want. Cum when you want, where you want! This is strip blackjack at its best!

Precio: $ 12.000

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