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Top 10 Adult games for PC

Make love instead of war they say. Erotic games have a huge market out there. Let´s find out the Top 10 Adultgames for PC.

10. Lula 3D

Lula 3D is a 3D installment in the Lula series, released in 2005 (Germany) and 2006 (rest of world). It is primarily an adventure game, with first person shooter elements. Set in the USA, the game sees Lula track down a group of acting triplets who have disappeared from her joint mansion/adult film set.

Lula 3D Video

9. Dream Stripper

Get her naked! Sounds easy? Dream Stripper displays your own pc video game stripper on your own computer! You decide her dance moves. Dream Stripper is the most exciting interactive dance and software game to hit the electronic entertainment industry. The erotic, life-like model was drawn by one of Hollywood best graphic artists and was 3-D rendered by a highly professional developmentteam

Dream Stripper Video

8. Singles Triple Trouble

The Singles Triple Trouble," the sequel for "The Singles Flirt Up Your Life." In this game, you have 3 singles that are moving into their new apartment. Upon arriving, they learn an ex of theirs is living in theapartment building too! It's time to make the best of the situation, and perhaps see if the love can be rekindled.

Singles Triple Trouble Video

7. Oppai Slider 2

"Oppai Slider 2" is one of those revolutionary titles developed by Illusion - and I don't mean it ironically. You can laugh as much as you want, saying it's just cheap porn or what not. But games are a very versatile medium. We play different games, and for different reasons. The advanced interaction possibilities and the uncompromising, realistic sexual content of Illusion's games make them to real masterpieces of their kind.

Oppai Slider 2 Video

6. A-GA

This game varies substantially from other Illusion releases in tone and presentation, just as with every Illusion release. This time around instead of spending most of your time on game play that eventually unlocks a cut scene, it is completely the other way around; game play has now been limited to short third-person adventure levels, boss fights and, without any hyperbole, simply walking from one room to the next. This “game” is 80% CGI cut scenes; while none of the CGI characters slide on a pair of leather gloves before a fight, you’ll find the visuals are decent.

A-GA Video

5. Artificial Girl 2

Artificial Girl 2 is a 3D erotic/life simulation game developed by Illusion for the PC. The player assumes the role of a young male on an island, populated with a number of idyllic locations typical to the genre (such as the beach, a hot spring, a school, a lab/office, a train car, and a castle's church and dungeon.) Accompanying the player is a cute girl, who provides a number of different social and increasingly erotic actions for the player.

Artificial Girl 2 Video

4. SchoolMate

The girls are 3D, but they look hand-drawn. They have big eyes and all the other attributes of traditional anime style, but they are not pictures, they are 3D models and they can be interacted with. Needless to say, when you see those cute pink-skinned anime beauties and realize you can do with them whatever you want, you'll have a hard time stopping the drooling in your mouth. You'll really want to eat those girls. Even though the style may not be everyone's cup of tea, its esthetical and technical value cannot be denied.

SchoolMate features the traditional physical sex interaction. You select an appropriate action and then press and drag your mouse to control the movement. There is quite a bit of variety in the actions, so it takes a while until you figure out the possible combinations of your own body parts and those of the girl. As always, the most interesting part here is to admire the realistic animation of whatever you are doing with the girl. The sexual act is presented rather symbolically (collision detection still needs a higher technical level), but the way the girl's body responds to your movements is quite convincing.

SchoolMate Video

3. Biko 3

The third game in Biko series is once again a 3D "stalking simulator". You control Takumi, an ordinary Japanese guy who likes following and observing pretty girls. Your goal is to "conquer" five girls, in one of the two possible ways: either to have a relationship with them and to win their love, or to stalk them successfully and to rape them. To do that, you have to walk, run, and crouch in order to remain unnoticed for a certain time.

The five girls are: the dark-haired schoolgirl Rin; the redhead nurse Reiko; the blond ninja Chris; the uniformed waitress Mayu; and Mio, who is a miko (a girl who serves in a Japanese shinto shrine).

Biko 3 Video

2. Battle Raper 2

Battle Raper 2 is a Japanese video game that is the second game in the Battle Raper series. The game is a 3D fighter where the player are able to knock the female opponent's clothing off through combat. The story line has no relations to the original Battle Raper. While the title may imply otherwise, there is no actual rape in the game. In Battle Raper 2 the player also has the option of editing the clothing and weapons of characters. In combat every character has unlimited guard, a move that can not be blocked, and a super move.

Story: The year is 20XX A.D. Yuuki goes to an island in search of the symbol element of the power of god. The Eisen Kreuz guild, Arcana clan, and Osei clan are also in search of this element. A shiki attacks Yuuki when he gets on the island. And then he meet the guild and the clan. After meeting them he travels with one of the three clans. He fights the rival female characters against him. Yayoi gets attacked by Mukuro Gyoubu and Yuuki defends her. At the end he finds out that she had the element of the power of god.

Battle Raper 2 Video

1. Sexy Beach 3

Sexy Beach 3 is the third game in the Sexy Beach series. An expansion was released called Sexy Beach 3 Plus. During development, Illusion specificly chose characters from their roster of characters prior to 2006. They also took fan input into consideration on their website during the development phase. You start on a island with a hotel. There are five girls outside who you are able to date and ultimately you are able to have sex with them.
Compared to the previous illusion games the graphic had improvements such as the hair would not clip with the skin. The game background also features a lighting engine which renders water reflections and HD terrain. The game is in several layers and can be turned on or off by pressing the numbers 0-9.

Illusion added improvements from their camera in rapelay. The camera starts by panning around the character, but can be stopped. You can also zoom in and out by using the arrow keys and move on a 2D cartesian plane in front of the character with the right click. The left click allows you to rotate around the character. The camera also features several saved positions which can attained by pressing Q,W,E,R, and T.

Sexy Beach 3 Video

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