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Come See Me Tonight

Come See Me Tonight

Precio: $ 6.000

Fomato: CD-ROM

NAME Come See Me Tonight - Watashini Konya Ainikite
System Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
Pentium 200 mhz or faster recommended
Memory 64 MB or greater
Music Full CD music, original Japanese voice
Language English

Yet another fantastic English-translated love-sim adventure game from Japan, this is Come See Me Tonight - Watashini Konya Ainikite, featuring a superb erotic story and excellent hentai CG by famous Japanese artist Maruto!

You are Ryoichi Sakaki, the hero of this story. You're a normal Japanese boy, but you've never had a girlfriend, and as a result, you don't know how to act around beautiful girls. All this is about to change soon, though!

When a strange mystery strikes and your parents disappear, you go to live with the Yuki family, who operate a traditional Japanese restaurant. All the beautiful women in the Yuki household help out with the restaurant, and they look great in their traditional Japanese kimonos.

At your new home, you find you're surrounded by beautiful females: the elegant owner of the restaurant, her three beautiful daughters, and a cute girl who is undergoing training to become a head hostess. You feel like you're in heaven with your own private harem. Although all the girls care for you, you'll have to choose carefully to capture the heart of the one you really desire...

Come See Me Tonight - Watashini Konya Ainikite is a multi-scenario love-sim game for Windows. You play the interactive game by moving through the game story and making choices that affect the outcome, allowing for many different potential endings and excellent replay value. The game features the original Japanese voices along with an accurate English translation. This game is 100% uncensored, too, for full enjoyment of the erotic interactive story. Includes a great "hands free" feature too!

Explanation of purchase options: CD-ROM option is for physical delivery of commercial game package w/ standard installer and no online registration requirement. Download option is for Internet Download Edition with Virtual Mate 2.0, which requires a live Internet connection each time the game is launched. Virtual Mate 2.0 includes a license for installing the game on up to 5 computers and the ability to manually de-register a license by request. For more information on the V-Mate system, see here.

Character Guide:

Tsugumi Yuki, the second daughter in the Yuki family. She's undergoing training to become a good head hostess. She lacks flexibility and often has arguments with Ryoichi. She thinks she has a big butt. Age 19. Misago is the eldest daughter in the Yuki family. Instead of her mom, she does all the housework. She loves cute stuff and fills her room with her collection of cute goods. She wants to be a piano teacher in the future. Age 21.

Kobato is the youngest in the Yuki family. She still doesn't know what she wants to do in the future and helps out at the restaurant for the time being. She looks slim, but she actually has a very curvy body with big breasts. Age 18. Hina Aihara the daughter of Chidori's mentor. Now, she's at Chidori's restaurant undergoing training to become a head hostess. She's bright and strong-willed. She and Tsugumi are good friends. She admires Ryoichi, who's trying his best to become a good chef. Age 19.

Chidori is the head hostess at the restaurant and the mom of her three daughters. She's beautiful, sexy, and smart. She cares for Ryoichi, who is the son of the guy she once loved. She wants him to marry one of her daughters and take over her restaurant. Age 30.

Note: All game images are 100% uncensored

Important note: all characters in this game, as in all games we sell, are aged 18 or older.

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