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Heart de Roommate

Heart de Roommate

Precio: $ 12.000

Formato: CD-ROM

NAME Heart de Roommate
System Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
Pentium 200 mhz or faster recommended
Memory 64 MB or greater
Images Full CD music, original Japanese voices
Language English

Due to a number of unfortunate incidents, Yusuke is left without a place to live when he transfers to his new school. Where will he go? Then to his surprise, he runs into his childhood friend Asumi. Misunderstanding Yusuke's situation, she escorts him back to her girls' school dorm and announces to her astonished roommates that Yusuke will be living with them! It sounds like heaven for Yusuke, but it's not: the other girls make him take care of the cleaning and cooking, and he also has to wear a girl's uniform to hide their secret. Tough luck for Yusuke, but over time he starts enjoying life with his cute roommates. What he never expected was where his ever-growing passion towards these pretty girls would take him...

An innovative and beautiful dating-sim game created by famous illustrator Deguchi Yosuke and Japanese game publisher Angel Smile, this multi-path game is organized into 26 anime-style episodes, with accurate bumpers, "eye catch" pauses for TV commercials, and "in the next episode" previews.

Game System

"Heart de Roommate" is a command selection adventure game for Windows computers, for adults. The game utilizes a multi-ending system, where the stories unfold and change according to command selections.Everything is entirely up to you. The game has been translated faithfully into English, and all graphics are 100% uncensored, allowing you to enjoy the erotic CG without mosaic or other censorship of any kind. Enjoy yourself as you explore this rich and complex hentai game!

Explanation of purchase options: CD-ROM option is for physical delivery of commercial game package w/ standard installer and no online registration requirement. Download option is for Internet Download Edition with Virtual Mate 2.0, which requires a live Internet connection each time the game is launched. Virtual Mate 2.0 includes a license for installing the game on up to 5 computers and the ability to manually de-register a license by request. For more information on the V-Mate system, see here.

Asumi Hirota, age 18. A sprited, energetic girl. Her belief is "enjoying youth to the fullest without any remorse." She is a bit self-centered and sometimes gets out of control because of her eccentricity. Namiki Honjo, age 18. Namiki is our hero's cousin. She likes to take care of people and behaves like a big sister. She also loves watching out for Yusuke and becomes quite the rival to Asumi.

Yoshiko Yagami, age 24. A beautiful, kind teacher with a charming pair of glasses. Her kindness results in her having to coach ten different school clubs, as well as being a dormitory manager. Marumu Ogamayama, age 18. Marumu is another roommate of Asumi. She's very quiet, but she occasionally starts mumbling all of a sudden. Nobody knows for sure what she's thinking. A very mysterious girl.

Tomoe Katsuragi, age 18. Tomoe is one of Asumi's roommates. She's mild mannered and very gentle. Because of her kindness, she sometimes can't say "no" when people force tasks upon her. Tomoe's family runs a famous hot spring hotel. Toshibo, age ???. Toshibo is a big, fat stray cat. He's Tomoe's bodyguard/friend. Only Tomoe can communicate with him.

Important note: all characters in this game, as in all games we sell, are aged 18 or older.

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