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Secret Wive's Club

Secret Wive's Club

Precio: $ 6.000

Formato: CD-ROM

NAME Hitozuma Hime Club - Secret Wives Club
System Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
Pentium 200 mhz or faster recommended
Memory 64 MB or greater
Images Full CD music, original Japanese voice
Language English

A great game of sexual training from G-Collections, Secret Wives' Club (Japanese title Hitozuma Hime Club) is an extremely erotic look at the highly developed Japanese fetish of "hitozuma," or erotica involving married women who belong to another. In this bold new simulation game, you are responsible for training a trio of sexually frustrated housewives, with many detailed attributes for each girl (sensitivity, obedience, anal training). Can you satisfy the beautiful wives?

On the first day of a new job as a tutor, Issei finds the mother of his student to be the woman he had a fling with in Bali! Happy meet him again, she later introduces him to her two beautiful "hitozuma" (married) friends, lovely ladies of leisure who are frustrated with their boring sex lives. Before he knows it, he agrees to become their trainer in the pleasures of life.

Even though he feels a bit guilty, he can't complain; he's having the time of his life with these three beautiful women! And he never wants it to end...

Game system: Secret Wives' Club" is a command selection adventure game in which you train the girls and increase their various sexual stats. This game utilizes a multi-ending system, where the stories unfold and change according to command selections. It's entirely up to you how the stories will grow and end. Choose the character and the type of lesson from the lesson selection menu. The further you proceed in the game, the more lesson selections you will have. Each character has different types of lessons depending on their personalities.
Enjoy yourself as you try to find all the endings to the game with the Secret Wives Club!

Explanation of purchase options: CD-ROM option is for physical delivery of commercial game package w/ standard installer and no online registration requirement. Download option is for Internet Download Edition with Virtual Mate 2.0, which requires a live Internet connection each time the game is launched. Virtual Mate 2.0 includes a license for installing the game on up to 5 computers and the ability to manually de-register a license by request. For more information on the V-Mate system, see here.

(C) G-Collections.com

Chisato Takasugi. A passionate housewife. She has too much free time because she has a housekeeper who does all the housekeeping work for her. She had a fling with Issei on the island of Bali. She is a bit of a exhibitionist. Nana Kawasaki. A cute housewife. She's a friend of Chisato's. She's married to her husband by arrangement, and their sex life is far from what it should be. She tends to be passive in sex, but can you unlock her inner passion? Kagari Oishi. A generous housewife. She's Chisato's friend. She's very curious about sex and willing to try new stuff. Once you turn her on, you won't be able to stop her. She likes to use sex toys in the bedroom.

Note: All game images are 100% uncensored

Important note: all characters in this game, as in all games we sell, are aged 18 or older.

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