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Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann

Zero Tolerance brings Lisa Ann in for her big interactive DVD. They have added a number of great features to the successful virtual sex genre. There are two ways get through this disc. You can go straight to the sex or join Lisa on a special date. On the date you get a blowjob in a limo, watch her tease in the tub and finally see Lisa pick up Julia Ann in the club. It is a fun little interactive movie with a great pay off. The interactive action is very solid. Each position and section is offered in two angles and different speeds so you can customize your viewing experience. Each position offers naked sex or sex in a cute outfit. We get anal in every position and multiple popshots as well. Cum on her body or in her pussy, the choice is yours. There is a blowjob, a tit job and a hand job. As an added bonus you can double your pleasure with Julia Ann. The girls play together with toys, make out and even share blowjob duties. This is a very solid interactive DVD and a must see for anyone who loves Lisa Ann.

If you choose the “Total Experience” Lisa greets you at the door. She is running behind and needs to take a bath. She invites you to watch her get cleaned up. This makes for some good tease in the tub.

From there you can get to know Lisa better. She sits out by the pool under the stars. We get to hear about being a cougar, how much Lisa likes sex and how she got to this point in her career.

Head to a club with Lisa, but make sure to take her up on her offer of some fun in the back of the limo. She delivers a hot blowjob in the backseat. At the club Lisa hooks up with Julia Ann and the two cougars tease on the dance floor. Julia comes home and sets up the three-way action. It’s a nice story or you can just go straight to the Let’s Fuck feature which is detailed below.


Watch as Lisa gets warmed up before the date as she gets all warmed up. Nice solo action with her fingers and toys. The vag is all fingers and a blue dildo while she uses a purple dong for her ass. All of this footage is offered from two angels so you can see the full body shot or get a close up.


The blowjob comes in several flavors and from two different angles. You can also choose fast or slow to dictate how you want to be blown. Lisa talks more in “fast” and is naughtier. You get your basic POV angle as well as a nice side shot. If you want a facial she will let it explode all over her face or you can choose “swallow it” and have her take it on the tongue and wolf it down. There is also the double BJ option which brings Julia Ann into play. They pass it back and forth for a great BJ and share the cum at the end. There is also a Talk Dirty to Me option here where the girls stroke the dick and talk as they blow.


This standard interactive position gets dressed up a lot for this disc. The action is basic over the head POV with her legs thrown out wide and her tits bouncing. You can go slow or fast though, changing the pace and energy. You can fuck her naked or in a sexy little bra and panty set. You can also go anal from this potion and fuck that tight ass. (Also available in the lingerie) Vag offers a cumshot on her body or inside of her pussy. Anal offers a pop all over her pussy and panties. All of this is shot from over the head with a great second angle for a close up of the action.


Also offered in fast or slow, cowgirl has Lisa sitting up on the cock. The secondary angle is a really tight shot of the action. As before you can switch her into a bra and panty set (Different than the one before) or have her go naked. You can also go anal from this position which is really fucking hot. The cumshot options are the same as well. Pull out and cum all over her pussy (from the pussy or the ass) or shoot one inside of her. (The internals are only offered in naked, but you get to pull out of her with the clothes on or without.


Two angles again and the same fast/slow control. A new outfit is included here as well. The over the head POV is a great angle, especially for the anal. Fuck her pussy or her ass and cum all over that big butt. Once again there are internal options to enjoy as well.

Tit Fuck

You get two angle of Lisa being tit fucked. The standard POV obviously offers the best view while the side shot is softer and not uninteresting. There is a big pearl necklace finish as well.

Lisa & Friend

The pick up at the bar goes really well. You can have the girls make out with one another, eat each other out, suck your cock or play with toys. The double BJ is accessible through the oral menu as well and has already been covered. The make out session is pretty damn hot and leads to the pussy licking. You decide who eats who and when they switch. The same goes for the toys. Watch Lisa fuck Julia and then turn them around. All of this action is shot from two angels that both cover the action pretty well.


Want to watch Lisa jerk you off. She straddles the dick with her dress still on and her tits popping out. Great tease here and nice naughty talk as well. When you go for the cumshot it jumps over to the tit fuck pop. That seems a little odd for a DVD that has given us every other pop imaginable.

Dress Up

This is more tease footage with Lisa Ann trying on a number of different lingerie outfits. Though it is last on the menu you might want to check out it. You get to see all of the outfits she will wear later during the action. In fact, when she tries on an outfit an option pops onto the screen to see it on her as she gets fucked.

Bonus: There is a disc with five Lisa Ann scenes and a photo gallery to enjoy. Watch Lisa take it up the ass from James Deen, share Ben English’s dick with another busty chick, do a cougar scene with Scott Nails, perform a white hot POV scene and give Mikey Butders more ass than he can handle.

Pack: $ 18.000

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