sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

Sexy Dreams 3D

Sexy Dreams 3D is an Adult Sex Game for Couples and groups of people who want to refresh their sex lives. It is one of the best Adult Games available for couples, with its easy to use setup you'll be playing in minutes. Sexy Dreams 3D has over 500 different erotic desires to perform with your partner/lover and is constantly been updated with new content every month.

Sexy Dreams 3D is an adult board game designed for adult couples. Playing Sexy Dreams 3D couldn't be simpler, players travel around the adult game board collecting money and property. When an opposing player lands on your property they must pay rent or take a desire. Players can also buy and sell clothes to add more excitement to the game.

Desires have four different levels, each level has different degrees of sexiness. As players progress around the game board the desire level increases. Desires can be anything! But one of the great benefits of Sexy Dreams is that you can control the level the game progresses at.

When players setup a new game of Sexy Dreams 3D players are asked which interactions and sex toys they would like to use during the game. Sexy Dreams 3D has desires for over sixty different adult sex toys and over thirty different adult interactions. Nobody ends up doing anything they don't want to, because Sexy Dreams is controlled by you. Download your Free 15 day trial and start enjoying your new and improved sex life Today. Live your widest fantasies.

Benefits and Features of Playing Our Adult Games

- Intense Adult Games for Couples for two to four players. Have sex with Multiple

- Players at the same time playing our adult game

- Play with your 1-night-stand or long term partner. Sexy Dreams 3D lets anybody setup their perfect Adult Game.

- Select Multiple adult partners, Random partners or just single partners to interact with during Sexy Dreams 3D. And play out your favorite fantasy's.

- 600+ Erotic Game Desires to perform with every player. Including Kissing, Rubbing, Spanking, Bondage, Water sports and Sexual Intercourse, spread over 4 different levels of Sexual Intensity.

- 60 Different Adult Sex Toys - Use your own Sex Toys from within Sexy Dreams 3D.

- Buy and Sell your clothes to earn money and buy desires to strip your partner naked and caress their body...

- Straight, Gay and Bisexual Interactions are all included in our 3D Sex Game Desires Database. Unlike other Adult Games for Couples we cater for everybody.

- Add your own Erotic Game Desires, to the Sexy Dreams 3D Desires Database, make your fantasies come true and have the best adult sex you have ever had.

- Multiple Languages are supported within our adult sex games.

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