viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2007

Sexual Pursuits

Las búsquedas sexuales son completamente configurables y se pueden modificar para requisitos particulares de muchas diversas maneras de acomodar las preferencias ideales de los everyone\'. La velocidad del juego puede ser controlada manualmente o automáticamente y la explicidad de interacciones puede ser controlada y ajustó.


We have been told by our customers that sexual pursuits is the best erotic game they have ever tried. We're very happy about this because, right from the beginning, we set out to make this game the best of its kind - bar none.

At first sexual pursuits may seem like a simple activity game with trivia thrown in for good measure; but do not be fooled! As the game progresses you'll notice that sexual pursuits keeps track of what is going on. If a player gets tied up, covered in baby oil, handcuffed (etc) the game remembers this and tailors subsequent activities to match the player's situation (we prefer to call it the player's "predicament" :).

The game is purely for couples. Each player takes a turn and must perform or refuse an activity, thusly gaining or losing points. Trivia questions are also thrown in to help players increase their score. When a player has enough points they may spend their points in a number of inventive ways, such as buying sexual favours or casting sexual spells on their opponent that really get the game very hot very quickly!

We've included every conceivable fetish and we have included thousands of activities to go along with these.


Thousands of widely varying activities.

Game Assistant to help "beginners" get the most from the game. For more experienced players, the Game Assistant is a lot of fun because she adds a myserious and erotic random element to the game.

Intelligent Gameplay! The game keeps track of each player's physical condition and ensures that activities are provided to suit the condition of a player (for example, if a player gets tied up as a result of an activity the game remembers this and tailors subsequent actitivities to this 'predicament'.

6 levels of explicitness from tame to extremely hot!

Over 4000 player interactions!

Many different fetishes.

Many different accessories

Maintenance screen for you to add your own activities!

Game Assistant to keep things interesting and to give help to players who are earning too few points to have fun with.


Gameplay revolves around physical activities that must be accepted or refused in order to gain or lose points. The game also features a 900+ question trivia module to add an intellectual slant to the play (if you like). The trivia questions can be switched off if you are not into that kind of thing.

When a player ends points they can spend them in numerous ways. Clothing can be bought from the opposing player, sexual favours can be bought from the opposing player, magic spells can be cast to put naughty 'curses' on the opposing player, and so on.

There is no definitve ending to the game. The game is over when it is mutually agreed to be over (which I think is the best way but I am open to suggestions).

Gameplay can be spiced up with random drinking activities, sexy surprises and sexy favours.

The game has a built - in Assistant feature to keep things heated (excellent for inexperienced players). The Assistant will appear from time to time (if she is activated) and grant players points if they are having a run of bad luck, force players to strip if they've been clothed too long

When the game has been installed, a shortcut will appear in your start menu. The game can be accessed via this shortcut!

Please tell us what you think about our game. We are always looking for new ways to improve sexual pursuits and will take your suggestions very seriously.

Precio: $ 6.00

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