jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

Cherry Dolls

CherryDolls is a 3D interactive virtual sex sim that runs on your Windows PC.

We have 3 delicious girls to choose from right now with more coming very soon. You can even change the guy and be white, black, or latin depending on your mood.
There's doggystyle, cowgirl, blowjobs, sixty-nine, and more positions to choose from, and they switch it up as they get more excited. Oh yeah, turn up your speakers because the sound is fucking hot. Moans, groans, giggles, slurps, and gasps.

You decide how the sex goes, whether it's slow, fast, or just right. The girl and the guy each have their own level of excitement that changes with what they're doing and how they're doing it.

Everything is in full 3D and you have complete control over the camera so you can basically put it anywhere. It's like having your own virtual porn studio!

Precio: $ 12.000

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