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Yumi Miru Kusuri

YUME MIRU KUSURI :: A Drug That Makes You Dream

Precio : 12.000

Formato: PC DVD-ROM

NAME YUME MIRU KUSURI :: A Drug That Makes You Dream
System Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista, DirectX8.1+
PentiumIII 500 MHz or faster recommended
Memory 128 MB RAM or greater, 750 MB hard disk space
Language English Text with Original Japanese Voices

All ages playable demo now available! Download Here
Text Patch ver. 1.1 now available! (fixes some typos) Download Here
I am just an average student, living an average, colorless life. I study, I work my part-time job, I get through my day just like everyone else, trying not to stand out from the crowd. But suddenly, almost before I realize it, the winds of change have blown into my life. They come in the form of three girls, girls who have been around me for some time, but who I never noticed in this way before. They are most definitely not living a colorless life like everyone else in postmodern Japan. They seem to float above society, strangely unaffected by it. Instinctively I know I should avoid getting involved with them, and yet before I know it, my destiny is bound with theirs. Where will it all lead?

With art from the accomplished pen of Haimura Kiyotaka and story by veteran scenario writer Tanaka Romeo, the bittersweet tale of three heroines unfolds. Will you choose to defend Aeka from becoming the victim of classroom aggression, and save her from the petty viciousness and hatred that afflicts her? Or will you help Mizuki with the burden of her work as student council president, helping each other find the path toward your uncertain futures? Perhaps you will accompany the cat girl Nekoko on her quest for the mystical fairyland that only she can see. Their fate, and your own, lie in your hands.

YUME MIRU KUSURI :: A Drug That Makes You Dream is an interactive multi-scenario dating-sim game for adults that explores life, love and growing up in modern Japan. Full of teenage angst, confusion, frustration, wonder, and beautiful artwork that draws the player in, this is a game like no other!

Shiraki Aeka ("ah-eh-KA"), a girl who transferred to your class in the beginning of the year. Quiet and a bit odd, since an incident shortly after she arrived she has become isolated and a butt of practical jokes. Age 19. Kirimiya Mizuki, your school's student council president. Beautiful, intelligent, seemingly self-assured and a natural leader, she hides a mortal fear of the future beneath her confident exterior. Age 20. Cat Sidhe Nekoko, a girl who has recently been running amok in the downtown shopping district. She introduces herself as a "fairy of the night", and posesses a strange, yet appealing vital energy. Age ???

Kagami Aya, your younger sister. She's a good girl, though she takes jokes a bit too seriously.Though you've lived together for years, as an adopted son your relationship with her is still unclear. Age 18. Nanjou Kyoka, your classmate and the ringleader of the "popular" set. Though she's cute and seems to have taken an interest in you, you don't particularly enjoy dealing with her. Privately you've taken to calling her "Antoinette". Age 19. Tsubaki Hirofumi, a senior employee at the convenience store where you work and self-proclaimed "ero-gay". When not trying to push his favorite H-games on you he's usually trying to make a pass at you while at work. Age 25.


New! We're proud to announce the official list of extras to be included on disc with the game's release:

1. The full game soundtrack in lossless AIFF and MP3 formats.

2. A parody version of the opening theme song, with alternate lyrics by scenario writer Tanaka Romeo and vocals by Marica of Funczion SOUNDS.

3. Character system voices, in-game sound clips, and audio recordings of the three main voice actresses' reflections on the game (in Japanese). The system voices have been labeled to reflect their appropriate use.

4. A folder of hard to find images and wallpapers from the game's official Japanese website.

5. A reversible fold-out instruction sheet with gameplay information on one side and a poster on the other.

6. Demo movies for upcoming game releases, as well as movies from currently available titles.


Important note: all characters in this game, as in all games we sell, are aged 18 or older.

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